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At Arcadia Angelic Sanctuary Interfaith Ministry (AASIM) Our Interfaith Ideals/Philosophy are also based on Spiritual or Psychic Phenomena as well, and the belief that one without the other is incomplete. Just as other religions/faiths originated through Spiritual/Psychic Phenomena, so too has AASIM. In all cultures and civilizations, spirit communication or Mediumship was the predominant influence in the formation of most religious beliefs. But, as religions became more institutionalized, ritual and dogma made the aspect and occurrence of Spiritual/Psychic Phenomena less acceptable. AASIM differs from other religions/faiths in that it continues to demonstrate and study, scientifically or otherwise, the phenomena. Indeed, AASIM Founder and Spiritual Director, Pastor Nancy Mercier became aware of her Spiritual Gifts following a near-death-experience in 1995, which lead to a profound awakening and her "call" to ministry.

The beliefs of AASIM also embody the main ideas of all other religions: there is a life after death; there is an immortal spirit; there is an existence or force commonly known as God. AASIM searches for what is known to be fact, while rejecting what appears to be false and without foundation. It seeks evidence of continuous existence or of life after death, affirming that we are spirit here and now (having a human experience). As spirit here and now, we are linked through the Spirit/God to all creation, and the science of Quantum Physics demonstrates that everything in the universe is connected or entangled. Albert Einstein said: "Everything is an integral part of the whole." 

 At AASIM we validate mystical, spiritual and/or supernatural experiences in a reverent and respectful context, supported with activities and services that assist people in finding their own personal understanding and proofs as to the reality and nature of Spirit/God, spirit-related phenomena and/or the spirit world. AASIM members are encouraged to remain open to restatements of their beliefs should research; investigation and/or advancements in knowledge reveal new truths. All individuals are encouraged, whatever their beliefs, to follow the dictates of reason and conscience in both spiritual and secular matters. In this, is the importance of questioning things in daily living and of accepting only what is truthfully applicable to the self without motive.

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