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At AASIM We Pursue Some Spiritual Practices Observed and Performed by Most World Religions and Spiritual Traditions: 

Meditation ~ Meditation allows us to center or align ourselves in the Divine, to quiet our minds, so we may hear the voice of Spirit, Angels and/or our Spirit Guide(s). 

Visualization ~ Visualization is a simple, deeply relaxing and pleasurable technique used to create or re-programme habits, and/or for holistic (mind/body/spirit) healing. Visualization is a normal and natural process which everyone uses everyday. It is simply a matter of using thoughts and images or symbols to access the sub-conscious or the super-conscious aspect of the mind. 

Affirmative Prayer ~ Affirmative prayer is using positive, affirming language as we speak to God/Spirit. For example, a person who is experiencing some form of illness would focus the prayer on the desired state of good health and affirm this desired intention "as if already happened" rather than identifying the illness and then asking the Divine for help to eliminate it. 

Gratitude ~ The spiritual practice of gratitude is a powerful force. Being grateful for what we have - such as our awareness that life is a gift - instead of worrying about what we lack, enables us to let go of negative thoughts and attitudes and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Contemplation ~Daily reflection, contemplation or rumination is thinking seriously and putting careful thought at our actions, habits, decisions and attitudes. It also involves observing and pondering about life and how we are involved and connected to it. When we ponder and contemplate, we are able to gain insights and increase our mental functioning. It also enables us to see our responses to events and the causes and effects. 

Rituals ~ Rituals are practices that support our well-being in body, mind, heart and spirit. Rituals involve actions, symbols and ceremonies that have a healing and/or transforming value. They are spiritual acts and can be any activities done with awarness, intention and purpose. Rituals allow us to remember, to honour, to change and to celebrate life. 

Being of Service ~ Here, this term means selfless service. This is providing service in and around our community without any thought of reward or personal benefit. 

Sharing Our Resources (time, talents, money) ~ We know that as we give, so we receive. This is a powerful spiritual principle of abundance and reciprocity. 

Art ~ Art can be a powerful tool in promoting healing. For many, art is a spiritual path, a transformational process, and a way of being. We believe that the numerous forms of art are doors to, and expressions of, the Spirit. Thus, art nurtures the spirit and can take the following forms:Dancing, Drumming, Drawing & Painting, Sculpting, Cooking, Sewing, Listening to or Creating Music, Writing or Reading,  Designing & Building, Gardening, and Storytelling. 

Inquest ~ This is study or research that allows us to transform and grow whether through reading books or listening to audio-books; attending classes or workshops; listening or watching CD/DVD spiritual presentations and/or documentaries; and/or exploring the meaning of our life experiences. 

Angelic/Spirit Communication - We are all born with spiritual or psychic gifts (1 Corinthians 12:4-11; Romans 12:6-8; 1 Peter 4:10), thus, anyone can study, practice and develop those skills or gifts. Psychic or Mediumship development can be achieved through many paths, but in general, the most familiar ways are through spiritual practices like meditation and prayer. The advantage of studying and practicing spiritual/psychic phenomena is that you learn what to expect when you receive psychic-mediumship or angelic types of messages, such as: what things look like, sound like, feel like. Practice let's you move more easily in this other realm - just like learning how to swim let's you move more easily in water.

Nature ~ Being in natural environments and viewing or experiencing nature can foster re-connection with the self physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Nature is the most visible manifestation of Spirit, whereby we interact with primal energies in the forms of earth, water, fire, and air. 

  • Earth: To connect with nature and the earth, you can take a walk in a park or garden and hike through the woods. Spending time in nature helps to restore balance in one’s life and, at the same time, deepens the connection with Spirit. 
  • Water: Spending time near or in the water can contribute to feelings of well-being. Swimming in the ocean, a lake, or a river, as well as soaking in a mineral hot spring, are excellent ways to benefit from this life-enhancing energy. 
  • Fire: Exposure to fire around a campfire or before a fireplace or a candles flame, while in prayer or meditation, may have health benefits. To Native Americans, fire is an important part of the vision quest ritual used to connect with the Great Spirit. 
  • Air: Exposure to air is a potent force for restoring energy and for connecting with Spirit as it flows through the body. Of all of nature’s elements, air may be the purest manifestation of Spirit. Air is essential to life and health on all levels.

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