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Arcadia Angelic Sanctuary Interfaith Ministry (AASIM) has no creeds or dogmas but many followers/adherents of the Interfaith Movement accept some form of universal principles. At  AASIM, we adhere to seven adapted  "Angelic" Principles. Acceptance of these Principles are not bound by any formal statements of belief.  AASIM  members, supporters and friends have complete liberty of interpretation. To a larger extent, these Principles can be accepted by most modern minds of any faith, religion or spiritual tradition. 

1. All that Is in the Universe and beyond, including the Laws of Nature are the manifestations and expressions of Infinite Creative Intelligence we know as God/Spirit, the Supreme Source of Love, Power and Wisdom.  

2. Natural Laws, if properly understood and lived in accordance with the Universal Divine plan, including, embracing Unity and Equality for all Creation, constitutes genuine Spirituality. 

3. Guidance, Communication and Healing from the so-called dead, Spirits and Angels is a Supernatural fact evidenced and accepted throughout spoken and recorded history. Spiritual/Psychic gifts, contact with Spirit Realms and higher forms of intuition are both natural human capabilities and gifts of the Spirit

4. Existence of the Soul and Personal Identity continues after the change called - Death. The doorway to reformation is never closed against any Soul here or hereafter. No one is condemned to eternal damnation. Divine Grace is freely available to every Soul who wants it. 

5. Love, healing and inner-peace is obtainable through the Divine Act of forgiveness. We are personally responsible for the Creation of Our Reality, through Thoughts, Words and Actions. Happiness or unhappiness, mistakes, successes, well-being and spiritual growth are free-will choices we make, concerning the responsibility of our own lives. 

6. Infinite God/Spirit has inspired Masters, Teachers, Leaders, Prophets, Mystics and Sages to enlighten and raise the consciousness of peoples of all races and faiths throughout the ages. Transformation of consciousness into higher states of expression is included in the Universal Divine plan. 

7. Compassion, Kindness and Service – to God/Spirit and all humanity – is the Supreme Source of Love in action and the Greatest Virtue one can attain, best exemplified through the morality contained in the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

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